Why You Should Consider Making Save the Date Cards

Have you ever thought of settling down with the one person you love? If yes, you are probably busy preparing one of your life’s big events: Your wedding day. This might be the busiest and tiring occasion in your life, but at the end of the day, everything will be worth it.

stdBefore you can actually proceed with the wedding day, you will go through a wedding preparation process, you need to make sure that all the things needed in the event are well-prepared and organized. From the location of the wedding and reception, food services, bouquets, invitation and save the date cards.

Do you really need to include “save the date cards” on your wedding lists? Yes, absolutely! You need to inform everyone about the details of your wedding. Sending them STD cards will also signify that you want their presence on your special day.

When is the best time to send cards? Well, if your wedding location is far from your home city, you should send them the save the date and wedding invitation cards eight or nine months before the event. By this way, you’re giving them more time to save money and apply a leave of absence from work. Also, by sending them the cards ahead of time, you are giving them more time to decide whether they accept the invitation or not.

Of course, you wouldn’t want them to decline the invitation because you really want them to witness your life’s journey and one of the things I discover is that the most effective way to convince the guests is to use a well-designed and creative save the date templates. If you’re not into arts, you can always get the best save the date templates online. Utilizing these ready-made templates will also save you from the hassle of creating your own customized cards.

Developing Confidence through Photoshop  

Photo editing, at best, is not just improving your photo images, it is also boosting your confidence. You feel a whole lot better after making the necessary adjustments on your photo, trying to make sure that you have the best possible look to your viewers. And if you are fond of posting pictures online, that is the best thing photo editing can do to you, improving your self-confidence.


But that wouldn’t be made possible if you don’t have the necessary tools to come up with cool, quality pictures. Pictures that would make you feel better. Many have used sophisticated photo enhancing tools for their photos, but none delivers the precise mood, texture or effect than what Adobe Photoshop can offer.

Boosting your confidence is something Photoshop has perfected over the years. They have the best free Photoshop for every photo enhancing need you might have. Never has photo editing this easy and cool that you can’t stop experimenting with it.

Photoshop is a web based photo editor. With its creative interface, you can make simple or artistic editing, depending on a specific style you wanted to present. It has a cross platform. The reason why it works on any operating system as well as any browser. And this photo editor is free; you can use it anytime.

So it is safe to say that the best free Photoshop available online is already within your reach. You can now make photo adjustments by cropping, erasing, moving and even selecting pictures through its built-in tools to edit images.

Don’t just settle with ordinary photo-enhancing tools that only create ordinary images in return. Photoshop has all the tools to make you feel good about yourself. Make it a habit as part of your routine when editing your photos. Photoshop allows you to edit your pictures after your own liking.

Feeling good about yourself is not just a habit you need to cultivate, it is also an effect you have created after making full use of that best free Photoshop available online.

What’s New in Adobe Lightroom 6.3?


In 2006, Adobe has released the beta version of Lightroom. However, Adobe users were dismayed with the bugs and other errors within the interface. So, the company decided to rebuild the whole software and fix all the bugs to make it better. So earlier in 2007, Adobe decided to release the final full version of Lightroom and, fortunately, it has become better and useful.

LR11Over the years, Adobe Lightroom has been consistent in producing high-quality images, of course with the help of the photographer or artist using the program. The program has also been considered as one of the best post processing tools in the editing industry.

Every year, Adobe has also been consistent in updating its software, removing the bugs and errors and adding more great editing features to the program to make it more efficient and useful.

Updating to Lightroom 6.3

The most awaited updated version of Lightroom is now available. Users can now relax and enjoy the latest version as the old import and other bugs are included in the update.

Lightroom 6.3 Review

As of writing, more and more users are now using the latest Lightroom version. Although there are still some bugs to deal with, which I know it’s normal for every update, Adobe has promised to fix it as soon as they can.

But the good thing here is that if you’re not satisfied and happy with the features of Lightroom 6.3, you can use the old versions.

How to update to Lightroom 6.3?

Basically, updating your Lightroom version is very easy. All you have to do is to click on the  menu, then updates, then you’ll be redirected in an update system, wait for a few minutes until the process is done and you can use the latest version of Lightroom right away. Also, there’s a big list of great looking Lightroom Presets available in Lightroomfanatic.com if you want to have great bundles of presets for your images.

Importance of Presets

Over the years, I have terminated the idea of using or downloading other people’s Lightroom presets in any of my images. Initially, Lightroom presets were developed to help you create your own collection of filtered images and at the same time allow you to speed up your editing workflow.


Basically, copying others work is not a good idea. If you really want to increase or improve your skills in creating presets, the only way to do it is to learn from the default presets included in the full version package. All you have to do is to apply necessary color adjustments, styles, effects and etc. that can make a raw image turn into a perfect one.

But along the way, I’ve realized that because of the increasing photography demands, photographers are now open to using other people’s work for their images for their convenience. They also use some other ways to get a free or paid Lightroom presets such as collecting several sites that offer free Lightroom packages so that they can save money and purchasing high quality presets on a stable organization like Sleeklens.

In most post processing programs, Lightroom presets are one of the unique features ever offered since it lets you make your workflow easier. However, you must always remember that presets should be used wisely. If by chance you were unable to create your own, you should at least download or purchase the best bundles as possible because there are a lot of unpolished presets available out there. There are a lot of types of presets, it can be Develop, import, export, metadata, watermark and so on. Make sure to get only what you need.

Lightroom presets are indeed a lifesaver to every photographer. It can save lots of time and effort in modifying thousands of images in a day. Getting ideas from others  should be your last resort since there are some sites offering the best services such as the free and paid presets for Lightroom at Sleeklens, though it is always best to create your own presets.

Three Helpful Photography Related Apps for Photographers

Lately, we’ve been discussing more about Lightroom and its features, today, we will tackle another exciting topic that will help educate you about the most effective photography related apps for photographers.

LR31Personally, I get too excited whenever there’s a new application or software coming out in the market. Using the latest application is not that important, however, it’s not bad to try out a new and fresh application and hoping it would be helpful to my images. Throughout my photography career, I’ve encountered several applications such as Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, Corel Draw and other well-known post processing tools, but I am still looking for another tool that will definitely help me create a good quality images.

Below are some of the newest applications for Photographers:

Instagram (available for desktop and mobile devices)

In today’s generation, mobile devices is not just about calling or texting someone. It is also widely used to take pictures or so called “selfies”. In this application, even amateurs or ordinary hobbyist can upload and modify images here. It contains several editing features and filters that will make your image look more beautiful.

VSCO (available for desktop and mobile devices)

This application is not that famous, but it was developed for photographers to help them do basic adjustments.

Adobe Lightroom (available for desktop and mobile devices)

Similar to Adobe Photoshop, but Lightroom photo editing more useful and efficient than Photoshop. It is a tool also made by Adobe. It contains several editing features that will help you speed up your editing process. Moreover, it can help you organize images within the interface. Lightroom photo editing tool is definitely the best on the go application.

Those stated and discussed above are the three new apps that I personally use. I recommend that you also try these applications for your images. Surely, you won’t regret it. I am not getting any credits from the developers of these applications. I am doing this to help and update you with the most useful and effective photography related application.

Fun portraits and commercials for the Marquette Food Co-op!

This spring I got to work on a project very close to home, that’s now even closer!  The Marquette Food Co-op built a brand new home that’s now just a few blocks away from our house.  The Marketing Department, an agency in the area, came to me with the idea of doing photo and video based around co-op members having fun with food.  At first thought, you might think it’d get a bit cheesy… but people really embraced having fun and we got some amazing moments!  I’m very happy with the results and more importantly, so is the client!  When we stopped in for their grand opening their designer told me that he kept getting compliments on the campaign and everyone wanted to know who did the work – what great news!  There are quite a few photos to go through, but I felt it was important to get a sense of how many awesome co-op members were willing to be silly in front of the camera to support such a great business.  First up are the photos – I added the logo and details to make them like movie posters.

Holly & Company Classic Homes in Fargo

In my mind, there’s nothing better than being able to visit a place you used to live and see a bunch of friends while doing some work as well!  Our family recently drove to Fargo, ND to and while we were there I did some photo and video work for a great client.  Holly & Company Classic Homes wanted a bunch of exterior photos to show off recently built homes in the Fargo and Moorhead area, as well as a video showcasing their house that was featured in the Parade of Homes.  One of the issues with recently built homes is most of them don’t have landscaping in – but no problem for us, we took some stock photos of grass in the area and put it right in to give a final look to the homes!  For the video, I got to play with one of my newest pieces of gear that allows for up to 12′ of slider goodness – I haven’t tried out the full length yet, but it works great even with shorter slides.  Hope you enjoy this work as much as I did making it!

Portraits of NMU’s new President

I recently had the priviledge to meet and photograph Northern Michigan University’s new president, Fritz Erickson.  For a person as busy as the president of a university it’s in my best interest to make sure the photo shoot goes as smoothly as possible.  Working with my client, we spent a few hours the week before the shoot scouting locations to figure out exactly where we would photograph him and what the environment would be.  The day of the shoot, my assistant and I arrived 1 hour early to do set up and do some test shots and make sure everything was just right.  Being ready in around 20 minutes, Fritz was actually able to show up early which gave him and us a more free schedule to create his portraits.  In one area we did a photo in front of the window overlooking the NMU Dome and ore dock in the background as well as a professional portrait.  After that we took a quick walk over to a brand new building being built on the campus to do some more environmental portraits, and one more location that I’m fond of – the art and design building.  Being a NMU Alum it’s absolutely do be doing photography for the place I spent 4 very enjoyable years, and I’m excited to see where NMU’s new president takes the school!

Stunning Architecture in Homes

Part of the beauty of my job is to take someone else’s creative vision and bring it to life, and a great example of that are homes.  To some, a home might just be a building but to others it represents something they’ve worked years to live in, raise a family, and create memories.  A place they can call their own!  Being a homeowner, my wife and I found out how difficult it was to understand exactly what was going on in a home because the photo did not represent the space well.  When I go to a home to photograph it I’m looking to best represent how the space is laid out, the details, what it has that another home might not.  Architects and builders pay very special attention to what makes a home better than others, and spend a lot of time to perfect their craft.  Likewise, when I go into a home it’s not a quick photo or video shoot because I want to make sure the home looks it’s best.  Home photography, or more particularly real estate photography has gotten a bad rap because there are a lot of photographers who go in and quickly set their camera on their tripod and do HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos.  Quick, cheap, and the results show.  I take time to set up my shots to not only show the different spaces as best as possible, but stage and clean up, and then take my time to light the room.  The photos that you see in this gallery are a far cry from what the original out of camera photo was like!  I’ve been shooting architecture for a number of clients for a few years now, and really feel like we bring images that bring a home to life to a potential client.  Images that represent the space in it’s best light and the mood of a beautiful house that will feel like home.  And for the builder, architect, or real estate agent they get photos that get the looks and results for a better return on investment.  Enjoy this gallery of my recent photo shoots of homes!

Landscape and Stonework

We recently took a trip out to beautiful New York to visit some friends and family, as well as do a little business!  Nice when you can do both in the same trip.. aside from the waking up at 4am to go out and make some photos! :)

Our client this time was Mandy’s Nursery that serves the Lake George and Saratoga areas.  They do amazing landscaping and stonework that truly compliments the homes they’re a part of.  Using a light painting technique that we usually use on architecture we are able to bring out a quality of light that you wouldn’t be able to get with just natural light.  This trip was just a teaser, and we hope to return to New York next year to photograph even more properties!